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FIDO (FIDelity Observation) is an online system for managing social research and intervention data such as session information, media files, and forms. Access to confidential data is controlled by user account permissions and organizational divisions.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.Carly Fiorina, former president and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co.

About Us

Oregon Social Learning Center and ODI

The Oregon Social Learning Center is a non-profit, collaborative, multidisciplinary research center dedicated to increasing the scientific understanding of social and psychological processes related to healthy development and family functioning. We apply that understanding to the design and evaluation of interventions that strengthen children, adolescents, families, and communities.

OSLC Developments, Inc. (ODI) and OSLC are independent organizations, each with their own Board of Directors and areas of focus. ODI specializes in implementation and dissemination and OSLC focuses on basic and intervention research. The two organizations engage in work that is symbiotic such that the research at OSLC informs the dissemination and implementation projects conducted by ODI. Both organizations are dedicated to promoting the development, growth and enhancement of evidence-based programs that make significant impacts on public health.


Collect Data Remotely

Since FIDO is web based, your data can be collected from anywhere that internet is available.

Multiple types of Data

You can collect session attendance, demographic information, online fillable forms, ratings, comments and notes.

Audio and Video

Your recordings of sessions or interventions can be uploaded to the FIDO website for review by researchers or coaches.

Real Time Availability

As soon as it is entered, all data is available 24/7 for review or reports.

Programs Using FIDO®

Desktop. Laptop. Phone. Tablet. It all works.

Contact Us

Learn more about how FIDO could support your specific project or arrange a demonstration.

E-mail: fidosupport@oslc.org

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